The exhibition

Because a better future is possible and is in everyone’s hands, Redeia presents the new exhibition ‘Connected to the Future’, a new interactive and digital experience, designed to increase knowledge about the Energy Transition and the active role that consumers will play in the future.

In-person visit

Face-to-face visit

You can visit the exhibition Connected to the Future at the Valladolid Science Museum.

Duration: July – November 2024
Address: Avenida de Salamanca, 59, 47014 Valladolid.

More information:

Valladolid Science Museum – Official site of Valladolid Science Museum. (

Whether you are physically in the exhibition or you are planning to visit it soon, you can register online via the link below. Once you have registered, we will send you a QR code that will allow you to activate different content related to the exhibition during your visit. If you are a group of more than 5 people, we recommend you register as a group in order to make our visit a more enjoyable experience. 



Virtual exhibition

In order to increase knowledge about the Energy Transition and to spread the word to make everyone aware of the new role that we, as consumers, will have in the new energy model, we are also making the ‘Connected to the Future’ exhibition available in a virtual format. You can enjoy all the contents of the exhibition from any device by means of an internet connection.

Image gallery

In this section you can see a small preview of what you will find in the exhibition, discover the rest by visiting the exhibition and enjoy an experience that will be both interactive and digital.

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Escape room

Doctor Volta, the leading researcher in Energy Transition, has mysteriously disappeared. Researchers on her team are desperately searching for her, as she was developing an ingenious gadget that could contribute to driving the implementation of the Energy Transition.
We need everyone’s help to resolve the mystery and continue pushing forward to meet the Energy Transition targets. We will give you access to the Doctor’s computer, the main tool to solve the mystery and complete the mission. Track down the information that will lead us to her before it’s too late.