Be the first to break into the computer of Dr. Volta, the lead researcher of the Energy Transition, and decrypt the folders on her desktop to discover the secret documents she was working on!
To complete your mission and get one step closer to the project that will change the future, you will need to use your knowledge of electricity and telecommunications.


Dr. Volta mysteriously disappeared just before she had finished completing the electrical diagram she had been seeking to achieve for years.
Explore the contents of her computer in a race against time to gain full access to the CECOEL platform and enter its database.
Is there more to this than meets the eye?


Before she disappeared, Dr. Volta was programming an application to integrate new infrastructures into the electricity system and achieve the Energy Transition. The problem was she was unable complete it.
What is your mission? Use the remaining parts of the system and master the content in order to finish programming the software application.
Will you be able to build the electricity system of the future?


The Energy Transition is a collective effort, coordinated at all levels and by all members of society. Follow the clues and create a high-voltage transmission line in a completely new territory to achieve harmony between the environment and energy demand requirements.
Your decisions will change the future of the planet!


Solve the mystery today!To do this, you will need the glyphs from the previous challenges.
Remember that the future of the electricity system is in your hands, we need you!


If you are thoughtful and carefully read all the information that will be provided to you throughout the game, we are sure that you will be able to complete the challenge and be the most astute collaborator of Dr. Volta, thus contributing to complete the ecological transition.